Windswept West Country

There's something to be said for going somewhere with other creatives. There's an electricity you often don't get with family or friends; a desire to push a little further, explore a little more and inspire each other. If they happen to be your friends as well then that's even better.

Tom contacts me a month prior and suggests a trip with Glenn. Any excuse to get away with these guys is worth it, even if it's in our own back yard. We're all photographers and the self proclaimed romantic adventurous sort. It's a toss up between rugged coast or majestic mountains and after some brief deliberation we settle on the furthest tip of Cornwall; mainly as Tom's working on a short film and needs to get some shots on location and it's also quiet this time of year. I'm not overly keen after a solo trip down the month before to exactly the same location, but ultimately it's the people that will make this one and I'm sold with little persuasion. 

Turns out it's worth it in every respect. The weather mostly holds and we are graced with a dramatic wash of light and colour the entire weekend. Clifftop walks, warm (for Cornwall in November) beach shoots with pounding surf, the windiest and most dramatic sunset I've ever witnessed; rainbows over whitewashed farms, secluded coves and icy, deserted harbours and generally that wild, blustery and remote feeling you often get from western Cornwall. The Mavic Pro even makes it out for a few flights and impresses us by flying in winds we can barely stand up straight in. 

As I predicted, being surrounded by two other creatives pushes me that little bit harder and the luck with the weather results in some of my favourite shots in a long time. When's the next trip guys?