Brief Case Study | Takmo Logo

The Takmo logo has been the most efficient logo I have ever designed requiring just two options and two proofs for the client to choose the design. My brief amounted to a simple logo with TAKMO and the kanji written below and he emphasised to stay away from a "checker flag or a wheel doing a burnout". This will make for a very brief case study but I thought it would be interesting considering its brevity.

I wanted to create something that nodded toward Japanese tuning companies like Nismo whilst taking inspiration from The Designers Republic's artwork for the playstation game Wipeout. 

What I ended up with were two logos.

My client sat on these for a month and came back with one simple change; to swap around the kanji on the first logo. I was stunned at this point as I'd never had a logo go through so quickly but he felt that this fulfilled the brief perfectly and had fallen for the first option after his thirty days of consideration.

I switched the kanji as requested and increased the character spacing a little to tidy the logo up and here we have the final piece. Not all logo designs are long drawn out processes. Sometimes a little trust between client and designer, and taking the time to think and consider the logos you've been shown can lead you to settle on a design efficiently. It's still a logo I'm very proud of for its simplicity and the clients reaction.